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Enquires & Quotes

About Master Roofing Company Uk

About Master Roofing UK

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10/10 Roofing Repairs

"I used Master roofing for a repair for a client of mine as I was away and couldn’t get done. Easy to deal with and extremely professional. This isn’t the first time I’ve used them and will not be the last time. 10/10"

10/10 New Roof Installed

I had a complete new roof, gutters and facia installed front start to finish. Excellent job and nothing was a problem. I would highly recommend them and will definitely be using them again. Thank you

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Surrey Roofing Specialists For Over 10 Years

Master Roofing UK has proudly replaced and restored over 500 roofs and counting. With a decade long legacy as one of Surrey’s leading roofing contractors in restoration and repair, we stand by our reputation for excellence. Our special 33-point roofing inspection, extremely skilled roofers, and one of the best warranties available set us apart. From roof restoration to roof replacement, repair, and gutter installations and downpipe services, we handle it all with precision.

When you work with Master Roofing UK, you know our roof work is made to last. Speak to a Surrey Roof Quote today.

Every home needs the best protection against the constant UK rain, and if a leak in your roof is left untouched, it can quickly become an expensive problem to solve. Master Roofing UK is highly rated on Checkatrade in Surrey for safeguarding roofs. Proudly repairing homeowners property throughout Surrey and the London area, we bring over 10 years of roofing experience and have a big team of roofers.

Where We Serve:

At Master Roofing UK, we’re not just contractors; we’re your neighbours, committed to the well being of domestic Surrey. Our main forte is residential roofing services.

We offer the best roofing services in Surrey and have a high satisfaction rate meaning your roof is safe, secure, and protected from the elements with us. 

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who are fully trained, insured, and accredited, ensuring that your project is completed to the highest standards of quality and safety. At Master Roofing UK, reviews are very important to us. 

  • Asphalt Roofing Installation
  • Balcony Roofing Installation
  • Chimney Cowlings Installation
  • Chimneys Installation
  • Conservatory Roof Conversions
  • Dormer / Roof Windows
  • Dry Ridge Installation
  • Dry Verge Installation
  • Emergency Roofing Service
  • Felt Roofing Installation
  • Fibre Glass Roofing Installation
  • Flat Roofing Installation
  • Green Roofing Installation
  • Hot Melt Roofing Installation
  • Leadworks Installation
  • Moss Removal
  • Pitched Roofing Installation
  • Polycarbonate Roofing Installation
  • Ridged Tiles Installation
  • Roof Lights Installation
  • Roof Replacement
  • Roofing Repairs
  • Rubber Roofing Installation
  • Sealoflex Roofing Installation
  • Single Ply Membrane Roofs Installation
  • Slate Roof Installation
  • Slate / Tiled Roofing Installation
  • Tiled Conservatory Roof Installation

What are the Roofing Costs in Surrey

When it comes to roofing costs in Surrey, the size and complexity of your roof are key factors. Larger roofs or those with intricate designs, like multiple levels or dormer windows, require more materials and labour, which can drive up the overall expense.

Roofing Material Costs in Surrey

Your choice of roofing material significantly impacts the project’s cost. You can opt for traditional options like asphalt shingles or invest in longer lasting materials such as slate or metal roofing. While higher durability materials have a higher upfront cost, they often last a lot longer and look better sometimes improving property value of your home, making them a worthwhile investment in the long run.

Roofing Labour Costs in Surrey

Labour charges are something to consider when hiring a roof services company in Surrey. Skilled roofing contractors may charge more to cover for a higher insurance, workforce with quicker timeframes and a possible guarantee, but our expertise on many different types of roofs in Surrey ensures a better overall service and stronger roof that lasts longer, being better value in the long term.

Additional Factors for Surrey Roofing Projects

Structural repairs within your property can affect the overall cost. Addressing these issues is crucial for the stability and safety of your roof, but they can add to the project’s total budget.

Exploring Different Roof Styles in Surrey

  1. Gable Roof: A common choice in colder climates, with two angled sides forming a triangular shape, providing extra attic space.

  2. Dutch Gable Roof: Combines elements of hip and gable roofs, offering more space and sunlight but requiring more maintenance.

  3. Clipped Gable Roof: A modern take on the traditional gable roof, featuring trimmed corners for a unique look.

  4. Butterfly Roof: Known for collecting rainwater and unique design, but may be costly to maintain.

  5. Dormer Roof: Enhances natural light and building exterior, often used to highlight windows.

  6. Flat Roof: Found on many commercial buildings, offering flexibility but with a higher risk of leaks.

  7. Gambrel Roof: Similar to traditional barn roofs, creating extra space but vulnerable to wind damage.

  8. Hexagonal Roof: Complex to construct and maintain due to its six-sided design.

  9. Hip Roof: Stable and visually appealing but challenging to install.

  10. Mansard Roof: Maximises space on upper floors but can be expensive to construct and maintain.

  11. Saltbox Roof: Effective in shedding snow but may cost more due to complexity.

  12. Shed Roof: Simple with a single slope, offering low maintenance but not suitable for larger homes.

Your roof deserves longevity, beauty, and unbeatable weather resistance. Trust Modern’s roofing replacements, repairs, and refurbishments to deliver just that and more. With us, you can rest easy knowing your roof will excel in every aspect.

Specialists within residential roofing solutions. Get a FREE quote today!


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