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WHy do we fix Leaks In Roofs

Surrey Leaky Roof Repair Service For Over 10 Years

Leak In Roof Repair Surrey

Have you noticed water seeping through your ceiling? It could be a sign of a leaking roof, but don’t panic – we’ve got you covered at Master Roofing UK,. We’ll walk you through what causes roof leaks, what to do when you discover one, and how to fix it.

Causes of Roof Leaks: Roof leaks can happen due to various reasons, such as rodents, aging, damaged gutters, loose tiles or missing tiles, or damaged roofing felt. Extreme weather conditions like storms or falling trees can also damage your roof, leading to leaks.

What to Do When You Find a Leak:

  1. Move belongings away from the leak to prevent further damage.
  2. Collect water in buckets to minimise damage to your home.
  3. Take photos for insurance purposes.
  4. In emergencies, contact a roofing expert immediately.
  5. Contact our roof leak repairers

Who to Call: Always call a professional roofer when you spot a leak in a roof. During winter months, many homes become flooded quickly causing big damage, sometimes over night. We can identify the cause, perform repairs, and prevent future leaks, saving you from bigger issues later on.

How to Detect a Roof Leak: Look for water stains, drips, or damp patches on ceilings and walls. Inspect your loft for damp timbers and musty smells. Conduct a water test with a hosepipe and check for missing tiles or damage on the roof’s exterior.

Common Signs of a Roof Leak:

  1. Water stains on ceilings
  2. Dripping or moisture indoors
  3. Damp marks on outside walls
  4. Mould growth indoors or outdoors

Finding a Leak on a Flat Roof: Inspect for dark damp patches indoors and signs of sagging or water pooling externally. Conduct a water test on dry days to pinpoint the leak. Generally, flat roofs are easier to detect a leak.

What to Do if You Have a Leaking Roof:

  1. Stop further damage by catching water in buckets.
  2. Pierce a hole to release built up water and minimise damage.
  3. Get a second opinion from our team or a quote

Call Out Inspections for Leaking Roofs:

  • Guildford
  • Woking
  • Epsom
  • Redhill
  • Leatherhead
  • Camberley
  • Weybridge
  • Esher
  • Caterham
  • Farnham

Remember, a leaking roof won’t fix itself – call us today for expert repair services!

A Leaking Roof Will Not Fix Itself

Within over 10+ years infixing roof leaks, our roofers can visit your home in Surrey.

4 problems from a leak in roof:

Water Damage:

The most immediate and noticeable issue caused by a leaking roof is water damage. Water can seep into ceilings, walls, and insulation, causing stains, rot, and deterioration of building materials.

Structural Damage

Over time, water infiltration can weaken the structural integrity of the building. Prolonged exposure to moisture can lead to rotting of wooden structures, rusting of metal components, and even compromise the stability of the entire roof system.

Fast Mould Growth

Excess moisture from a leaking roof creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew growth. These fungi not only damage building materials but also pose health risks to occupants, triggering respiratory issues and allergies.

Electrical Hazards

Water entering through a leaking roof can come into contact with electrical wiring, outlets, and fixtures, increasing the risk of electrical hazards such as short circuits, fires, and electrocution. This poses a severe safety concern for occupants and requires immediate attention.

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Surrey Leaky Roof Repair Company – 

Noticed a drip from your ceiling / roof? Don’t panic, Monday to Sunday we are on the road around Surrey fixing many leaks in roofs.

Spotting the Leak

We’ll play detective and find exactly where that leak is coming from, interior or exterior. Whether it’s a cracked tile, plant growth through walls or something else, we will identify it and then quote to repair the roof.

Fixing It Up

Once we’ve cracked the case, our expert team will know exactly how to fix the leak and patch up your roof. With the best materials and skills, we’ll make your roof good as new again with a reassuring 1M insurance as a reliable leaky roof company in Surrey.

Keeping Leaks at Bay

We’ll also share some advice to keep your roof shipshape and leak free in the future. We’re all about making sure you stay dry in the winter months!

Common questions and answers around house roof leaks - FAQs

Detecting a roof leak involves inspecting your ceilings, walls, and loft space for signs of water, such as watermarks, stains, damp patches, and musty smells. You can also conduct a water test with a hosepipe and check for missing roof tiles or exterior damage.

Common signs of a roof leak include water stains on ceilings, dripping or moisture indoors, damp marks on outside walls, and mould growth. Moss or mildew on the exterior could also indicate issues with guttering, drainpipes, or roof edging.

Finding a leak on a flat roof can be challenging, but you can look for dark brown damp patches indoors and signs of sagging, dipping, or water pooling externally. Conducting a water test with a hosepipe on dry days can also help pinpoint the leak.

If you have a leaking roof, it’s crucial to take immediate action to minimize damage. Start by catching water in buckets and puncturing a hole to release built-up water. Then, contact a professional roofer for repair assistance.

Water stains on ceilings are a strong indicator of a roof leak, although they could also signal a leak from the water tank in your loft. If you notice a big damp patch on your ceiling, it’s highly likely that your roof is leaking.

Water can find its way indoors through various pathways, so even if you don’t see visible ceiling damage, dripping or moisture indoors should be checked out. Some leaks are intermittent and may be caused by specific weather conditions.


Yes, issues where the roof meets the wall can lead to leaks, although they may not always show internally. Damp marks on outside walls should be investigated to prevent potential damage.

To prevent further damage from a leaking roof, it’s essential to catch water in buckets and puncture a hole to release built up water / flooding. These steps can help minimise damage and disruption until professional repair assistance arrives.

Addressing a leaking roof promptly is crucial because it won’t fix itself and may lead to more significant damage over time. Ignoring a leak increases the risk of water damage and costly repairs in the future.

If you suspect a roof leak but can’t find the source, it’s best to contact a professional roofer for inspection and repair. They have the expertise and tools to identify and address roof leaks effectively.